She is a charismatic Chilean influencer with a dynamic personality that is reflected in her content. claudipia


As a gamer he is unstoppable, a lover of video games and technological gadgets, he knows how to impose fashion with anime style iCata


She is spontaneous, funny and possessed of a beauty that does not leave her followers indifferent. c4rliita


Natural leader in topics such as fashion and beauty. An international model from a very young age, is an absolute beauty reference for the audience of women innamoll

Inna Moll

Extroverted and entertaining Chilean host, creator of the streaming “El Carrete Coreano” one of the most watched lives in the country camistuardo

Cami Stuardo

He has not only managed to conquer the physical and green battlefields, but also the digital ones through its social networks and video games. gabrielalonso11

Gabriel Suazo

Chilean YouTuber, focused on the reviews of Movies, Series and Videogames. criticas_qls

Críticas QLS

Chilean Multifaceted audiovisual director, his creative content makes his followers laugh to tears nitanzorron

Diego Jerez

Fresh and spontaneous Chilean young woman, is characterized by her unique style in her social networks memibgc


Charismatic, assertive, and honest she always seeks to get laughs with small scenes in which she recreates some anecdotes from when she lived in the United Kingdom. cataaguilarb

Cata Aguilar

Chilean actress and content creator with a great spark in her networks. laudelafuentec

Lau de la Fuente