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We are a leading talent management agency, which conceives artistic creation and entertainment as an instrument to connect with people. Zas brings the creativity and the impact of our talents closer to working with your brands, agencies or artistic productions.
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Talents Zas

Artist & creators

YouTube, Instagram and TikTok star. Use comedy to show your everyday life. soyalerios

Ale Ríos

He is a singer, an actor and a TV presenter. betopasillas

Beto Pasillas

She is a charismatic Chilean influencer with a dynamic personality that is reflected in her content. claudipia


Professional Magician, captivates family audience on TikTok palomaresmagic

Palomares Magic

Great youtuber who loves making funny videos with pranks, recreates photos and makes content with her boyfriend Banaz. celestepellegrini

Celeste Pellegrini

With his streetstyle look he creates funny videos with challenges soybanaz


As a gamer he is unstoppable, a lover of video games and technological gadgets, he knows how to impose fashion with anime style iCata


Passionate about music and acting. danieeibanez

Danie Ibañez

She creates videos where she talks, dances, skits, plays games, and gives fashion and makeup tips. legnahernandez

Legna Hernández

YouTuber, Instagramer and TikToker, loves to talk about travel, about the bi-cultural Mexico-Russia aleivanovastyle

Ale Ivanova

TikToker and Fotográfo, in his posts he always shows his audience to do things in a big way. busheado